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Davide Filomena
  • Head Personal Trainer 100%
  • MMA Fitness Level 1 & 2 100%
  • Martial Arts Instructor 100%
  • Kickboxing Instructor 100%
  • Self-Defence Instructor 100%

Davide Filomena

Head Trainer & Founder

Image of Davide, Family Man

I am just a humble loving father and husband who is also a Martial Artist and Certified Personal Trainer. Fitness has been part of my life for as long as I can remember, some of my fondest memories stem from playing sports and competing in both teams and individual events but my greatest satisfaction comes from coaching and guiding others. I have pretty much tried every sport around, from Aussie Rules to Track and Field and finding my home in the art of Karate 15 years ago

As a former senior people leader in the IT industry I spent years shaping and mentoring team members and trying to help them bring out their best. My approach was never truly work specific, but rather about life skills, I believe it’s fundamental to have the right life attitude and this will flow into everything you do. This is further cemented by my years as a Martial Arts instructor and my ongoing journey from instructor to teacher, the main transition being the move from instructing how to kick and punch to how to use Martial Arts as a tool or avenue to a better life. You will find that I draw on my martial arts experience constantly during our sessions together and if I start to count in Japanese…just go with it.

What I can offer

I have a pretty simple philosophy when it comes to working with people, “be nice, be honest, be firm and be of service”.

I offer a personalised, informative and supportive approach to a healthy lifestyle. Your health is the priority and I endeavour to help you achieve the best quality of life you can. To achieve this we will work through physical, nutritional and mental toughness (when the times right), focusing on exercises that cover both resistance and cardio-vascular training, reviewing your weekly food intake and pushing you to new limits. I will personalise a workout plan for you and offer general guidelines on nutrition as allowed, my training style is both formulated and organic, constantly evolving and intense.

Image of Davide, Focused

This is a two way partnership, I can only offer what you are willing to accept and commit to, I will give endlessly all that I can. It’s important we work together, you have knowledge so lets find out what that is and work with it, I too have knowledge so let me offer it, you will hear exactly what you need when the time is right…I am happy to take whatever questions you have and there are no silly ones.

“Turn training into breathing, something you don’t really think about and just do. Then it will no longer be training, it will just be life!” – Davide Filomena

A Lifetime of training

Yep! Pretty much a lifetime of training, in fact I don’t quite recall a time when I wasn’t either training, playing sport or just being plan old active. I feel funny saying, “plan old active” as I believe we have forgotten what it means, as we get older our distance from being active increases and I fear the consequences for many..thankfully I want to help and the fact you’re here shows me you are willing to take a step forward and control of your future health.

Do I think I have the credentials to help you, although I may have a certificate that says I can I assure you my life has been preparing me for this moment, my athletic past alone is filled with sports like

  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Soccer
  • Volleyball
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Tennis
  • Squash
  • Competitive Martial Arts

and the types of training I have been through would make some cry….you haven’t trained until you feel sweat coming out of your eye sockets, or you can’t walk properly for a week due to some Russian pole-vaulting abs workout you thought you would try for fun…or your legs are so smashed from strength and plyometrics that the walk down two flights of stairs to get to your car takes an eternity and your training partner doesn’t talk to you for a week!

So I’ve trained for a while and I like to train with a little intensity!

Well, today I have settled on the Martial Arts as the basis for much of my training, supplemented with gym time and the running track, there are very few training techniques I am not privy to and have not personally tried. I spend copious amounts of time constructing training techniques and trialling them myself, and as I do with myself I try to vary training constantly to keep the body adapting.

We only have now so let’s do this,

Sensei Perry Bell
  • Martial Arts Teacher 100%
  • Yoga Instructor 100%
  • Personal Trainer 100%
  • Remedial Massage 100%
  • Life Coach & Counsellor 100%

Sensei Perry Bell

Teacher & Coach

Not only am I the Chief Instructor at Deshi-do Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, I am also a father of five, Jason, Matthew, Alexander, Zahara, and Alexis, my oldest is 29 years my youngest are twins they are 4 Years old, I am married to a beautiful women, her name is Sofy, she completes my life.

In Karate-Do I have obtained the following:

  • 5th Dan Shito-ryu Karate-do Shuyoukan, studying under the guidance of Shihan K.W Loh 6th Dan since 1982
  • 1st Dan Okinawan Kobudo, studying under the guidance of K.W Loh, 5th Dan since 1995
  • Yoga teacher since 1999, teaching Hatha and Vinyasa yoga
  • Relaxation and Remedial massage therapist since 1992
  • Reiki practitioner since 1997
  • Personal trainer since 1990

In all I have been studying and training in many healing modalities for almost 38 years.

Trong To
  • Physiotherapist 100%
  • Industry Accredited 100%

Trong To


Trong To, Practice Principal at Balance Physiotherapy, has had over fifteen years of industry experience and has had the privilege of treating and working with elite national and international swimmers at local, national and FINA World Swimming Championships.

He has also worked with:

  • South Dragons (basketball)
  • Nunawading Spectres (basketball)
  • Vermont FC
  • Local and national soft ball competitions

Trong has a keen interest in treating sporting injuries but also enjoys treating “domestic” injuries as these non sporting injuries can be just as challenging and debilitating. Trong is employs many different manual techniques and has practiced dry needling for over 12 years. He believes in doing “whatever works” even if it is borrowed from other disciplines.

Trong has also trained in Karate, holds a first degree black belt and has competed at both national and international levels.

He is Australian University qualified, is accredited with the Australian Physiotherapy Association, Workcover, TAC, Veteran’s Affairs and private health insurance agencies.

Trong is happy to treat sporting and non-sporting people alike, and his patients span all ages.

When not at work, Trong enjoys spending time with his young family, reading, fishing, travelling and kick boxing.

Vicky Gomez
  • Bachelor of Science Deakin University (Deakin University) 100%
  • Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics (Deakin University) 100%
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition (Australian Institute of Sport) 100%
  • Certificate in Peadiatric Nutrition (Royal Childrens Hospital VIC) 100%
  • Certificate in FODMAP (Boxhill Institute) 100%

Vicky Gomez

Nutrition and Dietetic Consultant

Vicky holds professional membership with Dietitians Association of Australia and meets the criteria as an Accredited Practising Dietitian.

I have 2 principals that I maintain with all my clients:

  • Real advice
  • Make your diet suit your lifestyle

It has never worked to be restrictive and diet, my principals combined with dietary education, behavioural changes and improving vulnerability are the key to the success of weight loss and control.

João Tam
  • Photographer 100%
  • Life Coach 100%
  • Educational Trainer 100%

João Tam

Fitness and Sports Photographer

As a photographer, life coach and educational trainer João lives his life by following his passions. His passion is To teach and help people with growing and learning new skills. A motto that João lives by is to “feed a man a fish it will last him a day, teach a man to fish it will last him a life time”. Photography allows him to capture timeless memorable moments for others.

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