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Yoga in Oakleigh

Our strategic Gold Partner Deshi-do Martial Arts & Fitness Centre has offered Yoga in the local area for over 10 years. Specialising in both Hatha and Vinyasa based forms they provide an exceptional, professional, personalised and friendly service in the Oakleigh, South Oakleigh, Mount Waverley, Chadstone, Hughesdale and Clayton area.


What Is Yoga?

Yoga is a set of mental and physical practices that make up a system typically used to achieve enhanced health, happiness and a state of peace. Originating in ancient India it was introduced to the western world in the late 19th century and often used as a form of physical exercise. Yoga can certainly be incorporated into an individuals workout routine to compliment and support the rigors of demanding exercise with its vast collection of flexibility, balance, focus and breathing techniques.


Personal Training + Yoga

How can taking Yoga benefit your Personal Training experience? By incorporating this practice into your weekly routine you can potentially gain greater focus and even stress reduction which will enhance the training experience. The increases in flexibility will assist with injury prevention and help in performing movements correctly through greater range of motion. These benefits coupled with increased balance and core stability will yield greater results due to better exercise execution and performance.

A survey from 2008 expressed that long-term yoga practitioners reported musculoskeletal and mental health improvements.

— Birdee, Gurjeet S. et al. “Characteristics of Yoga Users: Results of a National Survey.” Journal of General Internal Medicine. Oct 2008, Volume 23 Issue 10. p1653-1658


Some Key Benefits

Some of the key benefits you may potentially experience from participating in Yoga are:

  • Core strength
  • Balance and Improved Proprioception
  • Flexibility
  • Mental Focus
  • Improved Recovery and Sleep Patterns

For more information and to talk about how Yoga can improve your training and potentially your life, hit the enquire now button to talk with a team member. Alternatively you may contact Deshi-do Martial Arts & Fitness Center directly via their website .

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