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Eat well to live well, oh, and abs, they’re made in the kitchen!

Nutrition? It’s Actually Pretty Important


When training there is a well known fact, that it is of paramount importance to get your eating under control not only to assist with the appropriate energy requirements to perform exercise but also often to co-operate in the weight control battle.

Our Personal Trainers can and will offer general guidelines on food and nutrition through actively engaging in discussion with clients but if a more specific food and meal plan is required we’ll refer you to our Nutrition & Dietitic ROCK STAR consultant.

Specific Nutrition & Dietetic Consultation:

After discussion with our personal trainers yields the need to looks at specific meal plans or further consultation on food, diet and nutrition then we’ll usually refer you to our strategic Gold Partner. Vicky Gomez of Healthy Empire supplies consultative services in Nutrition and Dietetic requirements. Vicky is professional, dedicated, approachable and experienced and through her guidance can help you get your nutrition under the right control. Her vast degrees and certifications coupled with a wealth of knowledge and experience makes Vicky a great asset to the Budoka Fit premium support partner team.

Services Provided Through Vicky:

Dietary Assessment, Individualized eating plans and education for the following is available:

  • Weight management (weight loss, weight gain, body image)
  • High cholesterol and other cardiovascular problems
  • High blood pressure
  • Energy deficiency and fatigue
  • Type 2 Diabetes
  • GastroIntestinal issues namely, Coeliac disease, Fructose and lactose Intolerance, FODMAP
  • Peadiatridc Nutrition, Food Allergies and Failure to thrive

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