If you want it bad enough you'll find a way

If you want it bad enough you’ll find a way!

Very few people actually know how young I was when I first started lifting weights, I was only 13 years old (today I don’t advocate kids of this age weight training, I think they should stick to just being active and using their body weight). Now I’m no muscle freak and probably never will be but I have had a fascination with resistance training for most of my life.

As with many others my fascination was sparked by the one and only…Arnold Schwarzenegger. I was first introduced to him (naturally) by a family member via the movie Commando (“Let off some steam Bennett!” – classic Arnie one liner).

Thinking about it now I’m pretty sure that movie was rated ‘R’

…and I thought it was awesome!

…and I thought this dude [Arnie] was amazing!

…and I thought…I want to be just like you.

Clearly I need a plan! (I’m good at these, see my post Planning for Healthy Success)

Step 1 – Start lifting weights!

Step 2 – Win body-building competitions!

Step 3 – Get into movies!

Step 4 – Become awesome!

Yeah OK! [sarcasm]

I’m 13, have no money, no guidance, would not have a clue where to start with lifting weights, what do I do? Naturally I go to the Internet, what’s that? this 1989! so off to The Library! (did you know that Internet Service Providers (ISP’s) actually begun to emerge in the late 1980’s but the Internet as we know it really didn’t get going to the mid 90’s, yep there’s still an IT geek in me).

So I go and find whatever book has Arnie in it, read a few pages, look at a few pictures….yep I’m an expert now, time to get going!

Davide: “Ma, can you buy me some weights?”

Ma: “No”

Davide: “But Ma…”

Ma: “No”  (a couple of years later…she did buy them for me, love you mum)

What to do?

If I can’t get a set of weights I’ll just make my own (when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up…an Inventor). So what’s lying around the house that I could use, I just need something heavy right? hey there’s some bricks around the back of the house, that’ll do, now all I need is a bar…broom stick! BANG! BOOM! POW! there it is.

Believe it or not, looking back at this moment is pretty special for me, it was the beginning of a love affair with training, in fact, it’s kind of impressive that at 13 I realised all I needed was any form of resistance.

Well, I didn’t go on to win any competitions, or become an actor but I do feel pretty awesome about my life and that’s a choice we all have.

Moral of the story

So what should you take away from this other than a childhood story about some guy that got inspired to lift a few weights?

Here are my top three take-away’s for you:

  1. There is always a way!
  2. You will figure it out! or what I’ve learnt is, want it bad enough and it will often “reveal itself”.
  3. Don’t be restricted by convention, sometimes you just need to think a little laterally.


Thanks for coming, hope you enjoyed it,