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“Dave has been a great source of inspiration and really pushes me to my limits so we get the absolute most out of every workout”
– david

“I would not hesitate in recommending Davide, he has an exceptional understanding of many training systems and is also an excellent motivator.”
– tom

“Davide is an organised, highly motivating, affordable and inspiring trainer. He pushes you past your limits and keeps you focused. Every session is different and exciting which keeps us coming back for more!”
– jess & cath

“I approached Davide with very specific goals. Not only did he help me achieve them physically, but also gave me the mental strength and confidence to not only pass the tests I needed to, but apply so much to my to everyday life.”
– drew

“Legs…not working! A tough yet adaptive trainer always assessing where you’re at during a session. He’ll make you work to make it worth it!”
– Anna

“The thing I love most about Davide’s training is how every session is different and I never know what to expect! I’m happier and healthier than I’ve ever been and owe a lot of it to him and his inspiration!”
– Mel & Sarah

“I have been training with Davide twice a week and I absolutely love it. I can feel myself becoming noticeably fitter and I am thoroughly enjoying the exercise. No two sessions are ever the same which keeps the training fun and interesting.”
– kirsten

“As a self confessed yo-yo dieter and gym drop out, Davide has managed to turn this couch potato into a gym junkie! I have been training with Davide for 6 weeks now and am already seeing great results.”
– jaclyn

“I have been training with Davide for almost a year for fitness/cardio/muscle toning, I am thrilled with the results. His unorthodox methods keep me interested and motivated. He knows how and when to push you and makes me eager to train!”
– laurie

“There has never been a day when I have not enjoyed a session with Davide. A patient teacher, Davide helped me to become a better fighter and athlete.”
– victor

“I would fully recommend Davide to anyone wishing to improve or maintain their personal health and fitness, knowing they will be in great hands!”
– dimi

“Davide Filomena Rocks! He is a masterpiece of his own training method. It impresses upon me what is possible. Thank you, Davide! You are awesome!”
– wayne

“Training in my 40s is not easy, especially given my injuries in the past years. Davide understands that I can’t take it to a level of a 20-year-old. He has an innate ability to understand my limits and sets a sustainable and challenging program.”
– petros

“His easy going friendly personality creates a relaxed comfortable atmosphere yet motivating, that helps us stay focused making it fun yet challenging.”
– chrisi

“I’ve known Davide for 10 years now. He is a dedicated martial arts expert for over 15 years, and he is a great mentor at the gym.”
– sunny

“The sheer focus and determination of this man is something to behold. His vast knowledge of training and diet is very impressive.”
– harley

  • David
  • Thomas
  • Jess & Cath
  • Drew
  • Anna
  • Mel & Sarah
  • Kirsten
  • Jaclyn
  • Laurie
  • Victor
  • Dmitry
  • Wayne
  • Petros
  • Chrisi
  • Sunny
  • Harley

Meet Our Exceptional Team

Allow this highly capable team to coach, encourage, guide and assist you on your Health & Fitness journey.

Davide Filomena

Davide Filomena

Head Trainer & Founder

  • Head Personal Trainer 100%
  • MMA Fitness Level 1 & 2 100%
  • Martial Arts Instructor 100%
  • Kickboxing Instructor 100%
  • Self-Defence Instructor 100%
Sensei Perry Bell

Sensei Perry Bell

Teacher & Coach

  • Martial Arts Teacher 100%
  • Yoga Instructor 100%
  • Personal Trainer 100%
  • Remedial Massage 100%
  • Life Coach & Counsellor 100%
Trong To

Trong To


  • Physiotherapist 100%
  • Industry Accredited 100%
Vicky Gomez

Vicky Gomez

Nutrition and Dietetic Consultant

  • Bachelor of Science Deakin University (Deakin University) 100%
  • Masters in Nutrition and Dietetics (Deakin University) 100%
  • Certificate in Sports Nutrition (Australian Institute of Sport) 100%
  • Certificate in Peadiatric Nutrition (Royal Childrens Hospital VIC) 100%
  • Certificate in FODMAP (Boxhill Institute) 100%
João Tam

João Tam

Fitness and Sports Photographer

  • Photographer 100%
  • Life Coach 100%
  • Educational Trainer 100%
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